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Summer Cultural Events in Zimbabwe

zimbabwe summer
Even though temperatures never get really cold in Zimbabwe, you will be surprised to find that summer is actually the coolest time of year in this part of the year. This is a time of year when you can enjoy all kinds of cultural events as well as see how people south of the equator view the world and the shifts in seasons. No doubt, once you see all the splendor of Zimbabwe during this time of year, you will want to come back and find even more to enjoy.

Summer in Zimbabwe

If you are looking for a wide range of events that draw people from around the word, summertime will not disappoint you. In fact, if you love books, music, or gardening, this time of year truly offers the best venues and the largest number of fascinating events.

No matter whether you are traveling with family, or are on a personal adventure, summer events in Zimbabwe will give you plenty to explore and think about.

Three Events You Must See in the Summer Months

When you visit a foreign country, you should always balance having fun with seeing how that nation’s people blend in with the human world and help shape its direction.

Zimbabwe offers a beautiful setting where you can meet all kinds of fascinating people within an outgoing and friendly society. As an added bonus, you will never feel like a lonely tourist during the summer months because so many people are choosing Zimbabwe as a top travel destination at this time of year.

International Book Fair

This is an annual event that occurs in Harare during the month of July. Book publishers from around the world, plus some of the best in Africa display their books and sponsor all kinds of fascinating events. If you are looking for a place to discuss cutting-edge philosophy, world issues, or just about anything else, this venue will be perfect for you.

Children will also find plenty of activities and workshops to enjoy at the book fair.

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Show

If you are curious about farming in Zimbabwe and other African countries, the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society show will be of immense interest. This is an annual event in Harare that usually kicks off in August.

You will have plenty of chances to learn about changes in farming practices as well as learn more about how food is produced in this country.

Midlands Arts and Cultural Show

This particular music, theater and dance festival takes place in Gweru. If you are visiting Zimbabwe in September, you may just find that this will be a favored festival since you will have plenty of chances to see examples of native performing arts.

Once you land in Zimbabwe, all plans for lying around in the sun will disappear. Summertime is a season where the people of Zimbabwe are always busy and celebrating the best their culture has to offer. From book fairs to marathons, you will never forget all the variety and wonder of summer events in Zimbabwe.