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National Holidays in Zimbabwe

As with every other culture, there are days when the people of Zimbabwe close their businesses and simply enjoy being with family and friends. National holidays are usually a time when the people celebrate a special event and look forward to what the next year will bring.

If you are visiting Zimbabwe during a national holiday, make sure that you know the exact dates and the customs surrounding each event. This will help you get more out of the event as well as make it easier to schedule transportation and access to venues of interest.

Things to Expect During National Holidays in Zimbabwe

Aside from Christmas, Easter, and other religious holidays, most national holidays in Zimbabwe focus on the milestones of the nation and Africa in general. While some holidays have been around for a while, others may be fairly new.

This, in turn, creates a situation where native people will have many different views of the holiday in question. During your visit, you are sure to enjoy seeing how the people of Zimbabwe celebrate and honor the nation they are part of.

Three National Events to Attend in Zimbabwe

If you have ever experienced 4th of July in the United States, then you should be well aware that certain foods and festivities are expected. While the people of Zimbabwe may not choose apple pie or watermelon, they are sure to have plenty of native dishes for you to enjoy.

Depending on the season, these may be elaborate dishes that will have you wishing you could get the recipes and all the secret ingredients. Here are three national holidays that you will find educational and fun to be a part of.

Independence Day – This holiday occurs on April 18th, and celebrates the founding of the nation of Zimbabwe. As with other cultures, the people of Zimbabwe take great pride on this day and always look to enjoy the nation they are building.

Africa Day – Africa day is celebrated on May 25th. It is a special day set aside in observance of all the issues African nations have had in their quest to achieve sovereignty. Even though you may not understand every aspect of the Zimbabwe people or culture, this is a day that marks their desire for self rule and autonomy and its importance to them.

Labor Day- In Zimbabwe, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1. This is a day when business owners and other workers celebrate all the good things that come of their efforts. You can usually catch brilliant parades, special theater performances, and excellent food choices during the celebration.

Aside from routine cultural needs, every society needs special celebrations that unite everyone for a common theme. Once you visit Zimbabwe, you are sure to appreciate many of the themes that this society has chosen to form national holidays around. In fact, if you are proud of your own nation, or the job that you have in society, these may be the perfect dates to visit Zimbabwe and find out how other people celebrate and express similar sentiments.