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Wildlife and Environmental Tours in Zimbabwe

When you think of Africa, giraffes, galloping elephants, lions, and tigers all come to mind. While these animals still exist in Africa, poaching and trophy hunting has taken an enormous toll. During your visit to Zimbabwe, you can certainly visit a range of safari parks where you can take pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Unforgettable Wildlife in Zimbabwe

Once you go on a photographic safari or attend a fishing venue in Zimbabwe, you will understand why so many people want to leave as many areas as possible in their pristine state. No matter whether you visit during the rainy seasons or dry ones, animal migrations and exotic vegetation will captivate your interest for days on end.

In fact, you may just decide to go on as many safaris as possible and learn more about the people and culture on another visit to the country.

Three Wildlife Tours to Take in Zimbabwe

For the most part, you will find that animal related events and sightings are dependent upon the season. For example, if you are interested in seeing elephants, it might be better to visit during a time when they are migrating through one of the parks.

In a similar way, rainy seasons can affect access to various parts of the country and your ability to enjoy them safely. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Zimbabwe for the sake of wildlife and nature oriented events, it may be best to find out how the weather is progressing before buying tickets. That said, here are three venues that you can enjoy all year round and get a good sample of the wilds of Africa in the bargain.

Annual Barbel Competition – This is a fishing event that occurs near the end of March. Anglers of all ages are sure to love seeing how native people use different techniques, and also the equipment they have on hand.

Mana Pools National Park – The park is open all year round and features exquisite vegetation and wild animals. You can make arrangements to go on a safari with a dedicated guide, or simply enjoy hiking trails designed for tourists. Most people that visit the park make it a point to travel along the Zambezi River via canoe so that they can enjoy both the water and land based animal habitats.

Matobo Hills National Park – If you are interested in enchanting stones, rolling hills, and a primitive setting, Matobo Hills National Park will suit your needs. In fact, if you are also interested in native, or Bushman rock at, you will find plenty of samples to enjoy in the park.

It is no secret that many people decide to vacation in Africa because they want to get away from civilization. While Zimbabwe can easily provide you with all kinds of fascinating cultural experiences, it also has some of the most rugged and stunning wildlife settings to explore. When you visit Zimbabwe, you are sure to find the animals every bit as fascinating as the vegetation and geography that make up this particular country.