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Special Religious Occasions in Zimbabwe

zimbabwe religiousNo matter where you go in the world, you will find people that believe in beings or other things that cannot be detected with the five senses. While many traditions may look similar, you will also notice the kinds of variance that truly create a stunning array of thoughts, feelings, and outlooks.

When you visit Zimbabwe, you will find that it is a fairly secular country. Therefore, even though most people are Christian, there are special events dedicated to other faiths that you might want to have a look at.

Spiritual Traditions in Zimbabwe

It is very important to realize that Christianity was brought to Zimbabwe by missionaries and others that were determined to break the will of the native people. As with other areas of the world, you are likely to find native deities and traditions hidden within outwardly Christian saints, figureheads, and rituals.

If you take the time to study the ways of the people carefully, you may be surprised at some of the beliefs that arose over the years as well as just how rich and complex the culture was before the advent of Christianity.

Three Religious Events to See in Zimbabwe

It is fair to say that you can experience religious events from just about any culture. If you happen to be Christian, you can easily focus on Christmas, Easter, and other traditional holidays. That said, if you are going to a different country, you may just want to immerse in other religious festivals to see how they differ from your own traditions.

Diwali – This is actually a Hindu celebration of lights that a small number of people observe in Harare. You will find the event beautiful, uplifting, and well worth the effort to attend.

Race Unity Day – A Baha’i event that is celebrated on the second Sunday of June. This event celebrates the unity of our species and is meant to foster harmony among the races. Since there are relatively few people that follow the Baha’i faith in Zimbabwe, you should check with city event planners and others that can tell you which areas are planning on a public celebration.

Local Traditional Events – Indigenous belief systems tend to be very private matters. That said, if you decide to spend more time in local villages, you may hear of a baptism, coming of age ceremony, or some other celebration that will give you some insights into the spiritual paths of the native people.

Visiting other cultures will always expand the boundaries of your mind and give you a chance to see how other cultures make the most of living in this world. There is no question that African nations such as Zimbabwe will provide you with more diverse opinions and lifestyles than you will see anywhere else.
When you visit, make it a point to attend at least a few religious events so that you can learn even more about how the people of Zimbabwe see the world and their place in it.