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Winter Events in Zimbabwe

When you visit Zimbabwe during the winter months, you are bound to be surprised to learn that it is the hottest time of the year in Zimbabwe. Therefore, when choosing venues to attend, you should be aware that they will be different from events that occur in cooler weather. Fortunately, you will still find plenty of entertaining plays, music festivals, and celebrations to attend.

What is Winter Like in Zimbabwe

The winter months in Zimbabwe are a time when vegetation and animals are at their peak levels of growth. In fact, if you choose to visit Victoria Falls or some of the more popular valleys, you can savor thunderstorms and nature at her finest. On the cultural scene, you will find that people have different ways of staying cool and keeping their culture lively and vibrant.

Three Winter Events to Savor in Zimbabwe

Once you are in Zimbabwe, you will soon realize that music, dance, and audible rhythm play a key role in culture and entertainment. Even if you are not interested in music and dance, you will find yourself drawn to all the fascinating sounds, bright colors, and dancing moves.

In fact, you may just find that you have hidden interest in music that was never realized because you had never experienced such life changing and hypnotic music.

Here are three winter time events that will give you plenty to think about and enjoy.

Zimbabwe Festival of African Inspired Animation – This is an annual event that occurs in early December in Harare. If you love cartoons and other forms of animation, this festival will give you a chance to meet young artists that may one day be famous. You can also take part in workshops that will help you hone your own talents, or give you some ideas about how to create your own animated arts.

Youth Festival Week – If you are traveling with children, helping them to learn about the thoughts, feelings and views of youths from other cultures is very important. Youth Festival week occurs in December and is filled with the latest fashion trends, dance, music, and all kinds of activities that will attract children of all ages.

Zimbabwe World Travel and Tourism Fair – This event occurs each year around mid-February. If you are a frequent traveler, or want to know more about the tourist industry, this trade show will be of immense interest to you.

Each time you leave your own nation to visit a different one, you are sure to be amazed at how cultures have the same basic needs, yet arrive at different solutions to problems. Zimbabwe, during the winter months, will give you plenty of chances to enjoy beautiful weather and events that will carry a distinct, unforgettable flavor.
From children’s festivals to music and live arts performances, you will never cease to be amazed at what Zimbabwe has to offer to tourists that want to enjoy their vacation and sample the best events the nation has to offer.