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Holiday Season In Zimbabwe

The Christmas Season in Zimbabwe

The Christmas season is a fantastic time to visit other nations and find out more about how different cultures celebrate this season. If you choose to visit Zimbabwe at this time of year, you are sure to be amazed by the blend of different traditions in this country.

While you may not get to experience snow-capped skiing trails, or other usual signs of the winter season, rest assured that you will love the variety and richness of the Christmas season in Zimbabwe.

How Christmas is celebrated in Zimbabwe

Even though many people in Zimbabwe are Christian, the holiday itself is not as marketing-driven, as, for example, in the United States. In fact, many people do not believe in Santa Claus, and do not spend a lot of money on gifts.

Rather, you will find the focus is far more on sharing a meal with family and enjoying the day as a celebration of friendship and good will. That said, you will find beautiful Christmas trees in most homes, as well as traditions about gift giving and when to exchange gifts.

Three Christmas Events to Enjoy in Zimbabwe

When you visit Zimbabwe during the Christmas season, it is important to realize that this time of year is actually summer for them. Therefore, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful flowers and other signs of summer that the country has to offer.

While the cities offer celebrations that may seem closer to what you would expect, you should also visit smaller villages where you can find out more about how this time of year was celebrated, prior to the introduction of Christianity.

Annual Christmas Festival

Harare and many other cities host special festivals where people dance, share music, and celebrate the holiday. You will find that these festivals usually begin around the last days of November and extend through December 26th.

To find the best venue for you visit, try looking at events planned by different cities as well as the kinds of music featured in each event. No matter whether you would prefer a sedate event with classical music or a revved up hip-hop festival, rest assured you will find the perfect Christmas festival in Zimbabwe.


The ZimFest is a special celebration in Harare that usually occurs in Mid-December. ZimFest is dedicated to music from both professionals and novices. If you are a music lover, you should make it a point to take part in this amazing celebration of sound during the holiday season.
No doubt, if you are musically inclined, you will find many new modes of expression that will give you all kinds of fascinating ideas.

New Year’s Celebration

As with other people from other countries, you will find that New Year’s in Zimbabwe is an upbeat occasion filled with revelry, partying, and passion. If you decide to attend parties or other events, just be sure to go with at least one designated friend that will watch out for the group and take care of any issues that may occur.

You can have a good bit of fun on New Year’s in Zimbabwe, but you must also be as attentive to safety as if you were at home.

Are you ready for the ultimate African adventure? Visit Zimbabwe during the Christmas season. Immerse yourself in old traditions and find out more about this beautiful time of year in Africa.