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Fall Events in Zimbabwe

Fall Events in Zimbabwe

Since Zimbabwe is located south of the equator, fall actually corresponds to spring in the northern regions of the world. If you are looking for less intense temperatures, fresh air, and all the wonders of new life beginning, this is a perfect time to visit Zimbabwe.

While you are vacationing during the fall months, be sure to check out all the exciting events that take place in Harare and other cities. If you are traveling with other family members, or with friends, there are also plenty of exciting venues to enjoy in the local villages.

Fall is a Beautiful Time in Zimbabwe

If you plan to visit Zimbabwe between September and November, be prepared to enjoy all kinds of music and dance festivals. This is time of year when the memory of torrential rains is long past, and people are looking forward to the festivities of the holiday season. You are sure to enjoy all the beautiful markets and venues that let you sample just about every part of this fascinating country.

Three Fall Events You Cannot Pass up on Your Vacation

Once you begin finding your way around the cities and local of Zimbabwe, you will find that this culture is constantly in motion. During the fall season, you are sure to have a chance to see some of the finest native dances, singing, and theatrical performances in the country.

Here are three fall events that will remain etched in your mind and heart for years to come.

Intwasa Arts Festival – This is an annual event that occurs in September. Artisans must create different works based on a yearly theme. No doubt, you will be amazed at the sheer number of interpretations of a single theme and all the skill involved in bringing these ideas to life.

Zimbabwe International Jazz and World Music Festival – This event occurs once a year in mid-October. It is dedicated to the performing arts such as musical concerts and film production. You will have a chance to see some of the latest works, and also take part in discussions on each film or concert.

Jikinya Traditional Dance Festival – This is a native dance festival that occurs each year at the end of November. The costumes, choreography, and musical elements are sure to be as good, if not better than what you would see elsewhere in the world. If you are interested in native dance and music, this festival must go at the top of your “to see” list.

Even though seasonal naming south of the equator may be different from what you expect, Zimbabwe is truly a wonderful place to visit during the fall season. You will find that the people love to celebrate during this time of year. If you are interested in music, the fine arts, or other creative festivals, there are plenty for you to enjoy at this time of year.
As an added bonus, if you already love African music or theater, you may just get a chance to meet your favorite artists and see them perform live in their native lands.