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Summer Music and Dance Events in Zimbabwe

Does the sound of African music give you a sense of freedom and peace? Chances are, you may already know that many of your most treasured songs are written and composed by musicians from Zimbabwe.

If you are planning to visit Zimbabwe during the summer months, you are sure to be stunned by the sound of these incredible performers in their native land. That said, when you arrive in Zimbabwe, you can expect to hear music from around the world. From cello recitals to hip hop, rest assured that your visit will be filled with memorable songs from many cultures.

Music and Dance Go Together in Zimbabwe

In many cultures, music is meant as a form of expression that is not just meant to be listened to. Rather, it is meant to engage the senses and invite motion.

From that perspective, it should come as no surprise that Zimbabwe music and dance go together and form some of the most magnificent summer festivals available in Africa. No matter whether you choose to visit local villages or spend most of your time in Harare, the traditional dance and music festivals are sure to open a whole new world for you.

Three Events You Must Attend

When you visit Zimbabwe, you should never give up a chance to visit small villages, and other areas where you can learn the most about the native ways of the people.

That said, Zimbabwe is changing fast, and you will be amazed at the modern trends developing in Harare and other cities. While you will find all kinds of wonderful music venues in the smaller villages, the following three larger events are worth seeing.

Annual Zimbabwe Suzuki Group Concert

The Zimbabwe Suzuki Group concert is usually held in June at the Harare International School. It is dedicated to cello and violin performances by students from different schools throughout the country. Admission is free, and seats are unlimited.

Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Festival

If you thought Rio Carnivale was hot and spicy, you will change your mind when you visit the Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Festival. It is similar to Carnivale in the sense that dancers from different schools develop themed performances throughout an entire season, and then compete with each other to determine which school is the best.

This festival starts on June 18th, and features performances in different regions until the final challengers compete in September.

Shoko Festival

This year, the Shoko Festival will take place September 25th through the 28th in Harare. This festival features music from throughout the world, and is known for cutting-edge sounds combined with cultural changing events.

If you want to have fun and break some barriers via the arts without the grittiness of Burning Man, the Shoko Festival will suit you well.

A visit to Zimbabwe will never be complete without savoring the incredible sounds of Africa as they blend in with those from other cultures. If you are looking for powerful, life changing experiences, do not hesitate to visit the Shoko Festival. You will also find that other venues will expose you to new ideas and give you wonderful memories that can be treasured for life.